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“Dignity in Care: enhancing ethical practice and critical reflection by the sTimul experience in a care- ethics lab” was a project in the Interreg IV A 2 “Mers Seas Zeeën Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013.
Over a 3 year period ( from 1/7/2011 to 30/9/2014) project partners from Lille, Dorset, Zeeland and Flanders worked together to improve the impact of ethical reflection and practice by students and professionals in health and social care organisations in the cross-border region by experience based learning in a sTimul: care-ethics lab. The sTimul lab provides a fully equipped care environment, where, for 2 days and 1 night care professionals and students can experience through simulation the impact of care at first hand. The focus is the way in which care is provided and focuses on attitude rather than core technical and clinical skills. After the simulation participants reflect on their experience in groups , coached by an ethicist. Participants also have the opportunity to share and to put into practice what they have learnt during the sTimul experience. The exchanging of experiences and good practice is made possible through regional networking events, cross-border study visits and the virtual communication platform on the Dignity in care website:

This virtual resource pack is been realized during the Dignity in Care project. It can be downloaded on in order to disseminate the results of cross border collaboration of the project partners and stakeholders in Dignity in Care towards all interested people.

  1. The snapshots with testimonials of project participants and care receivers in daily life show how important dignity in care is for people that are dependent on care .
  2. The two DVD’s and the booklet, with testimonials of participants in the Dignity in Care project, give project information and show the deep impact of the sTimul experience on professional caregivers, students and real care receivers.
  3. The press releases, posters and scientific articles illustrate the worth of the sTimul experience and scientific research in care ethics.
  4. The IEEG evaluation report gives an overview of the main project activities and an insight on the effect of participation by project participants and stakeholders.
  5. The guidelines offer practical information for people who wish to set up a sTimul lab, the course personal leadership and/or attentive conversation.
  6. The contact information is useful for everyone who wants to know more about the INTERREG 2 Seas Programme, Dignity in care and the sTimul care-ethics labs.


DVD's and booklet


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  booklet_-_dvd_dignity_in_care.pdf 2.64 MB

An introduction to the sTimul experience - 2013 (EN)

An introduction to the sTimul experience - 2013 (NL)

Enhancing dignity in daily practice - 2014 (EN)

Enhancing dignity in daily practice - 2014 (NL)

Scientific articles

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  une_pedagogie_innovatrice_pour_stimuler_la_posture_ethique_et_reflexive_par_la_simulation_-_lapproche_stimul_leen_schollaert.pdf 200.69 KB
  an_explorative_study_of_experiences_in_stimul.pdf 187.71 KB
  experiential_learning_in_a_care_ethics_lab.pdf 234.17 KB
  translation_-_dignity_in_the_minds_of_the_carers__-_2014_nl.pdf 507.56 KB
  care_south_-_dorset_echo_4.7.13.pdf 511.35 KB
  caring_news_carers_experience_life_as_a_resident.pdf 183.05 KB
  de_werkvloer_op_met_project_dignity_in_care_hz_kwaliteit_november_2012.pdf 796.91 KB
  dorset_echo_-_richard_thorington_-_27.06.13.pdf 223.67 KB
  emily_daily_mail.pdf 795.55 KB
  finpostersjabloon_dag_van_europa.pdf 280.2 KB
  flyer_ethique.pdf 863.81 KB
  folder_for_active_aging_day.pdf 736.03 KB
  jnep-enhancing_ethical_practice_and_critical_reflection.pdf 269.38 KB
  mag_online_library.pdf 151.15 KB
nursing_ethics.jpg 84.58 KB
  pano_inter_dicare.pdf 1.19 MB
  start2nurse.pdf 196.09 KB

IEEG Evaluation Report

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  dutch-final-ieeg_evaluation_report_dignity_in_care.pdf 1.06 MB
  english-final-ieeg_evaluation_report_dignity_in_care.pdf 987.15 KB
  french-final-ieeg_evaluation_report_dignity_in_care.pdf 1.2 MB

Dignity In Care Newsletters

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  dignity_in_care_newsletter_web.pdf 508.23 KB
  text_to_promote_digital_newsletters.pdf 247.63 KB

Course personal leadership

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  course_attentive_conversation.pdf 239.75 KB
  course_guide_personal_leadership.pdf 486.31 KB
  het_aandachtige_gesprek_nl.pdf 264.45 KB

Common core principals

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  ccp_vertaald_in_nl_.pdf 373.52 KB
  common_core_principles.pdf 1.78 MB
  motivation_for_translation_ccp_.pdf 162.39 KB


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  certificaat_stimul_experience.pdf 178.77 KB
  joint_certificate.pdf 951.1 KB


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  directives_general_stimul_lab__.pdf 661.22 KB
  guidelines_to_set_up_a_stimul_lab.pdf 584.92 KB
  handleiding_start_stimul_lab.pdf 578.31 KB

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