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Benefits and target groups

Care receivers

The project aims are to increase the quality of health and social care, leading to better dignity and patient centered care. Elderly and care dependent people are part of the first target group.

Care givers

The second target group consists of professionals and students in health and social care, as well as tutors and trainers. Research shows that dignity and patient centred care does not only improve the quality of care and life of care receivers, but also improves job satisfaction for care providers, supporting the recruitment and retention of (future) care providers. It is also an important issue in the prevention of burnout.

Institutional and Government level

All stakeholders involved in health and social care at an institutional and governmental level are part of the third target group. Stakeholder organizations can integrate the outcomes of the 'Dignity in Care' project in their quality management systems. Policy makers are invited to adapt existing procedures and legislation around quality management according to the project outcomes.